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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 19  

Crazy day, eBay going to hell in a handbasket, way too many Olympics to watch, so I didn't get a fresh picture taken.

Last weekend when Danni came over I moved the truck from the house to the end of the property so I didn't have to carry boxes and mannequins in the heat -- just load it up at the gate and drive it to the house.

When Danni called that she was almost here, I went outside to walk to the gate -- and Coco had to come -- cuz she's my shadow, I go NOWHERE without an escort. She loves the truck, but since her blindness,deafness has gotten so bad, she isn't comfortable in the car -- it jerks around over the dirt road and she can't anticpate what coming and gets thrown around. But she still loves sitting in the truck anyway -- so we waited for Danni with Coco thinking she was going for a ride.

She was quite happy, I think.

What next?

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