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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 3  

Another Day, Another Field

Well, two fields.

We live off a paved road, on a two mile long dirt road. As I leave the 'driveway' and look to the right there is a thoroughbred farm. Actually it's been sold to the EVIL developers but the owners have leased it back for five years. These horses are beautiful and boy is there a lot of space for them.

The other field is the hay field -- got to feed them horses, right? It's down the street a ways.

Weird little town, a mile of houses, a mile of fields, a mile of houses, a thoroughbred farm. Not a lot of city planning went into it -- mostly started out as just a 'place' - I don't think anyone foresaw it getting big enough to even call it a town, certainly we still can't see a day when it will be a real city.

But, it's quiet -- smells like cows, horses, and pigs -- but mostly everyone does their own thing, and leaves everybody else alone. I do like that.

What next?

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