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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 8  

Well yesterday was my birthday, and I didn't feel well so didn't leave the house -- and today still not 100%, so still didn't venture far from home. I did do laundry, but I figured photos of my unmentionables on the clothesline were really not appropriate for 365 posts -- so I decided to go back into my files for furkid pics. Always a favorite activity for me.

First up is RUSTY, aka FatAss --- he's actually not overweight, but he sure does like to spread out when he's relaxing.

Next is Fanny, really the prettiest cat we've ever had -- she is always well-groomed, if only her personality were the same -- she's a little on the mean side to the other cats. She does love her dogs tho.

Lucy sleeps in her crate with the door open -- she likes the security of it. And we like it to since Lucy has a tail like you wouldn't believe -- get hit with that thing and you know it. And Fanny loves to sit in there with Lucy -- and Lucy never seems to mind. The next photo is Fanny with Nellie -- sleeping on the chaise with Fanny.

I really think Fanny thinks she's a dog.

This is my Coco -- she doesn't look so cute and cuddly now -- as she isn't aging well as her old age is creeping up on us -- but she's been my little girl for well over a decade. Now I'm her seeing-eye person -- as she's lost her hearing and her sight is almost gone. But as long as she can still sense I'm around, she's fine. And dogs adapt so well -- she knows where everything is in my office, and in the yard -- she's still better at night outside than I am. She's cranky -- but come to think of it -- she pretty much always has been :)

Like mother, like daughter!

And this is our old man -- Quincy. Our watchdog, our protector. His hips are so bad these days that I'm the one protecting him most of the time -- have to lift him up onto his legs some mornings -- but once on his feet (paws) he's on his way. And he's alert and in good spirits and such a good friend. I am hoping the sunset years are good to him -- and that he has a few more in him.

What next?

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