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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 29  

Fifteenish years ago Gil & I picked out this little puppy. There were five in the litter, but only one was white, the others were brown little things. Gil & I like black & white dogs, so it was an instant decision.

We have a rule in our family -- Gil names cats, I name dogs. This is my favorite 'naming' -- Quincy. I've always loved his name.

He was a great puppy. Never any trouble -- got along with everyone, always took a back seat to Tora, our alpha dog.

And he grew BIG!! He's a great guard dog -- if it's withing earshot or eyeshot -- Quincy barks at it. Never mean, just warning. He's never been aggressive to any one or any creature -- but a stranger couldn't tell that by looking at him barking. He kept us nice & secure for many many years.

I love this photo of him coming through the oleanders -- he looks gorgeous there, and oh so handsome.

And then his hips finally gave out on him --- a few weeks ago they started getting really bad, and last week they just hit the wall -- and could no longer hold him up. We said our goodbyes, and I held his paws as he took that last breath and headed towards the Bridge to meet the furkids who have gone before him.

We miss him, but are happy he's out of pain. I picture him running with Bandit and Tora and Mandy and all the rest of our furkids. It's getting quite empty here at home, but full there at the Bridge, and I just know they'll all be there when it's my time. And I know they're there -- cuz without them -- it wouldn't be heaven.

Rest in Peace, Q --- we miss you.

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